​Could free agent starter Patrick Corbin end up wearing red pinstripes?

It seems to be a real possibility, as Corbin has been spotted in​ Philadelphia on Tuesday visiting Citizens Bank Park, furthering the perception that Philly's among the favorites.

​​From the very beginning, the ​New York Yankees seemed to be the overall favorites to land Corbin. However, the Phillies are certainly high on the list, and there are several other teams interested in his services.

Any time you can get a player in your building for a visit, it's a good sign. Unlike the NFL, if he leaves the ballpark without a contract, it certainly doesn't mean the Phillies are out of the running. 

​Corbin growing up a Yankee fan still gives them an edge. So as long as New York has the requisite interest, they have to be the favorites, but maybe the Phillies brass can persuade him.

The Phillies seems eager to make a move very soon, and they​ aren't going to wait around for Manny Machado and Bryce Harper before addressing other needs.