​The New York Mets are already beginning to show their nonsensical logic in their offseason approach. 

First, they took themselves out of the running for Manny Machado because they don't like his "character," then they expressed a willingness to trade star pitcher ​Noah Syndergaard despite lacking starting pitching depth in the minors. 

Now, the team is aggressively pursuing a trade for a 36-year old infielder ​suspended 80 games last season for PEDs. Could Robinson Cano really be headed to NY?

​​Considering the fact that Cano still has five years left on his mega contract and is owed $120 million, the Mets would be better off pursuing other, younger free agents. While there is very little logic to the Mets trying to trade for Cano, perhaps one of the few logical reasons as to why has to do with Cano's relationship with Mets general manager ​Brodie Van Wagenen.

​​This just shows how out of touch the front office is with the fanbase. 

They cited Machado's character as a primary reason they don't intend to pursue him, but Cano isn't going to bring happiness to Flushing. He's closer to 40 than 30, and is coming off an embarrassing suspension. 

The Mets should stay far, far away here. As for Seattle, they're looking to clean house and moving Cano makes plenty of sense. For them, though, they've got to find someone willing to take a chance on a player out of his prime. The Mets may just be that team.