As you might have heard, the Atlanta Braves are making some big moves this offseason, swiftly signing two veteran stars Monday to a rapidly-improving team. The sweet thing about the signings is that they're both homecomings in a sense, too. 

First came catcher Brian McCann, who spent the majority of his career in Atlanta, and then minutes later, third baseman Josh Donaldson was introduced. He grew up a fan of the team.

Now, Donaldson has taken to social media to share a picture of his newest jersey with his new team. Check it out below:

The feeling you get when you see your name on the jersey of the team you followed your whole life must be absolutely surreal. Luckily for Donaldson, he's one of the few that gets to experience such joy.

The ​Braves signed Donaldson on Monday to a one-year, $23 million deal. The star third baseman's production fell off dramatically in 2018 (.246, 8 HR, 23 RBI) largely due to injuries. These struggles resulted in the Toronto Blue Jays shipping him off to the Cleveland Indians at a slight discount, where Donaldson would at least pick up his average in his last 16 games (.280, 3 HR, 7 RBI).

Still, Atlanta signed a player who is just 32 years old and has the potential to recapture the kind of play that earned him an MVP award back in 2015. If not, they have a quality veteran in a room full of otherwise youthful players. It's a one-year deal. There's not much risk here.

Hopefully, Donaldson can go back to the days of his hitting dominance - which was really only a year ago - and help out his childhood team in their quest to take that next step.