​It appears the San Francisco Giants have finally reached the part of the offseason where they've chosen to face an unfortunate reality head-on.

This current Giants team looks next to nothing like the ​2010, 2012, and 2014 editions, and last year's ​"Even Year Magic" brought only a 73-89 record and Buster Posey injury concerns.

So, with their leader and dogged ace Madison Bumgarner ​headed for free agency following what's certain to be a depressing 2019, why not explore deals? He's exactly the kind of bonafide postseason ace that all contenders are looking to add at a relative bargain.

Apparently, the Giants are finally willing to look themselves in the mirror.

Interested parties naturally include the Brewers, a team beref​​t of starters that still ended up a few bounces away from advancing to the World Series, and the Phillies, a rebuilding team finally on the cusp, prepared to spend a boatload of money this offseason.

Bumgarner is the type of down-home guy who could very well return to SF on a short-term extension following any sort of trade. But, he could also settle and sign a deal wherever he lands.

At this point, with only one year left, there's no excuse for the Giants not to maximize the asset. They're fooling themselves if they believe Bumgarner's patented postseason glory will come in orange and black this season.