Leonard Fournette is expected to be sidelined once again this season. At least this time it's for another reason entirely. 

The league wasted no time bringing the hammer down on the superstar running back for his actions this past Sunday where he was ejected following  a fight with Shaq Lawson. The NFL is making an example out of Fournette, proving that they won't tolerate that kind of action after the whistle.

Fournette has been suspended for the Jaguars' contest again the Colts this week. 

The team's new offensive coordinator is inheriting quite the job. First, Blake Bortles was benched and now the superstar running back will be suspended for a game. 

The NFL has done this in the past, suspending Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib for their fight last year and setting a precedent in the process. It's almost surprising that it wasn't longer as  Fournette and Lawson had to be separated in the tunnel. 

The Jaguars offense has already been terrible as of late. Just imagine how bad it's going to be with their former top-ten pick standing on the sidelines in street clothes.