Ex-49er Reuben Foster was recently arrested for charges related to a domestic abuse accusation by his long time on-and-off girlfriend Elissa Ennis. Today, Tampa Police have released the 911 call that Ennis made from the hotel that the 49ers were staying at in Tampa, Fla.

​​The phone call is extremely raw, as you can hear the distress in Ennis' voice. At the same time, she expresses the kind of tone that alludes to the fact that this isn't something new.

Ennis can be heard on the call stating that Foster, "Took my phone and broke it," and "Slapped me in my face." 

The former Alabama star linebacker has dealt with his fair share of problems regarding the law. 

He has also faced charges related to marijuana possession, which resulted in a two-game suspension from the NFL, and a charge related to a loaded gun that was in his possession. 

The altercation and legal action follows a dropped domestic violence charge in May. The charges were dropped after Ennis rescinded her accusation that Foster struck her in February of this year.  

Since his latest arrest, Foster has been released by the 49ers.