Big changes may be coming to Auburn Tigers football.

Gus Malzahn has been the head coach at Auburn since 2013 and he may have worn out his welcome. At 7-5 in 2018, the school is reportedly sick and tired of their coach of six seasons and could be planning on finding a replacement soon.

In fact, they may already have that replacement in place.

Auburn reportedly has identified and met with Malzahn's potential replacement already. In a stunning turn of events, it seems as if the coach's job isn't as secure as most would've thought.

That reasoning would be Malzahn's tremendous buyout at Auburn, which reportedly adds up to $32 million.

There is a reason for this potential move, however. The Tigers are wrapping up a disappointing season for the fourth time in the past five years. Malzahn had immediate success at Auburn in 2013, reaching the championship game after a 12-2 season only to lose to Florida State. Since then, the team has been painfully average save for a 10-4 season back in 2017. 

As far as bowls go, Malzahn hasn't been too efficient either, going 1-4 in 5 appearances.

Perhaps the last straw was a  final game against Auburn's bitter rival in Alabama; a 52-21 beatdown that further proved the notion that the former has no business among the nation's best teams.

However surprising the move may be, it's not hard to see why a change might be needed in the eyes of Auburn's higher-ups. Malzahn has been good at times but not great. The other times?

There just hasn't been much to advocate for.