​Steph Curry ​got into a car crash over the weekend, and while he came out of the incident unscathed, it was still a scary moment for the two-time MVP. A video has been released showing the incident occurring as Curry drove on Highway 24 in Oakland. He was cut off by someone attempting to switch lanes and his Porsche smashed into the guard rail. 

Curry could do nothing to avoid the scary accident. It's unclear what caused the silver car to lose control right in front of Curry's Porsche, but fortunately both parties were okay after the accident. 

The accident occurred prior to 9:00 a.m. on Friday and involved three cars, though this video only shows two of the involved vehicles. Ten minutes after the first collision, a black Honda lost control and crashed into the railing as well. 

Curry is thankful to be in good health following the injury as he looks to ​make his return to the court. The 30-year-old has missed the past nine games while dealing with ​groin injury and is expected to return to practice next week. 

Thankfully for Curry and the Warriors, the car crash won't extend his absence as the team has struggled without their star point guard.