​The ​Jaguars continue to run into the same problem every year; their offense isn't that good. While last season their defense was able to lead them to the AFC Championship, they lack the offensive weapons needed in order to truly contend. As a result of their offensive woes this season, the Jaguars have ​moved on from their third offensive coordinator since 2014, the same year Blake Bortles was drafted. 

Since 2014, the team have moved on from Jedd Fisch (2013-14), Greg Olson (2015-16), and Nathanial Hackett (2016-18). During that time, Bortles has proven he's mediocre time and time again. Perhaps it's not the fault of the offensive coordinators, despite the ease in which the team have opted to transition from one to another. Maybe the problem lies with Bortles. 

​​Since becoming the team's starting quarterback, Bortles has put up a record of 24-48. He has thrown 103 touchdowns to 74 ​interceptions and has a career completion percentage of 59.3. 

This year has been no better, as Bortles has 13 touchdowns and 10 interceptions through the first 11 games. The team fired Hackett following the loss to the Bills, but it's hard to put the blame on him after what has gone down.

The season has been nothing short of a disaster for the Jaguars, but it's time to stop pointing the finger at offensive coordinators and start pointing it at the trainwreck that is occurring under center. It's not entirely his fault, but Bortles should not be considered their quarterback of the future and the Jaguars need to address that as soon as possible.