Aaron Rodgers is regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in the league, if not the top dog. He's won a Super Bowl, a couple of MVPs and a ton of games, but not as many as you'd think in certain situations.

Rodgers has had some incredible moments including this season, but he doesn't always do it when it counts. Following his recent loss to the Vikings, the Packers' great failed to come up big once again.

Believe it or not, Rodgers is now 0-37 in his career when trailing by more than one point against teams with a winning record heading into the fourth quarter. 

Good teams are supposed to take care of business when they have a lead late, which is what everyone else seems to do without a problem against Rodgers and the Packers. 

This stat is a bit hard to wrap your head around, as Rodgers had an incredible comeback the first week of the season against the Bears, but they weren't over .500 at the time. There are likely other exceptions that don't go in Rodgers' favor, but this stat is still eye-opening, to say the least.

Rodgers should receive blame for this awful season and then some. You have to be able to steal some games against good teams if you're going to pretend to be one. Beating up on bad teams is fun and all, but eventually, you'll have to do it against a team that is actually competent. 

Rodgers just doesn't have to be better. He has to be better when it counts in a true comeback fashion against a good team.