​It has been an embarrassing few weeks for Hue Jackson, which is something he's got to be used to by now. Jackson was fired from the Browns after his awful three wins in 40 games with the team. Then, he was hired by the Bengals to be an assistant on Marvin Lewis' staff, only to watch his new team get DOMINATED by Baker Mayfield and the Browns on Sunday. Mayfield made things even worse after the game, clearly shunning the coach with an awkward handshake.

Mayfield was showing love and hugging the Bengals players, then Jackson came running up. Mayfield hit Jackson with the "do I know you?" handshake. Ouch.

​It wasn't the first time the Browns shunned Jackson on Sunday, either.

Jackson was hustling and calling out Mayfield's name repeatedly. It was like a John Hughes movie. Jackson looked like the loser kid. Mayfield was the popular guy that regretted being nice to the geek once. It was a classic high school moment. 

Mayfield had more than just a high school moment, though. The rookie had an amazing game. 

You'd think Jackson would have a game plan against his previous offense. He was with them a week ago. Yikes. ​This is about to be your new head coach, Cincinnati?