Sonny Gray may have had a disappointing season with the Yankees after the team traded for him in 2017, but that does not mean that his career is in shambles.

It seems as if the right-handed pitcher is sure to get another chance with a team in 2018, with a plethora of squads lining up to take a chance.

Reports state that a few different teams will be pursuing the 29-year-old this coming offseason. No team is a front runner, yet, with talks ​appearing to stall with Cincinnati.

Gray was a fantastic arm for the A's before being sent to New York. He became flustered with the Yanks, however. He had a 4.90 ERA with the Yankees, and soon found himself out of the rotation, performing disastrously at home.

Gray could be going back home, with ​the Athletics looking at him as a depth and bounceback candidate.

​​Oakland may be the perfect place for Gray to go. He played his best days there, of course, and the staff knows him well.

But don't rule out Atlanta, always looking to find veteran pitching improvements at the margins, a la Anibal Sanchez.