The Jaguars and Bills had a pretty intense in-game scuffle, but Jags running back Leonard Fournette and ​Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson took it to a different level. Fournette squared up like a boxer and went at it, even losing his helmet in the process.

However, after getting ejected for throwing multiple punches, the two guys had to be restrained in the tunnel for attempting to finish what they started.

Then a fan apparently got in on the action, which is the most dangerous part of all, and Fournette was rightly furious.

Before getting kicked out, Fournette was having a very good day with over 100 total yards and two touchdowns. Lawson had a QB hit but was clearly in Fournette's ear the whole game.

Both guys are fiery and the NFL is lucky that the guards were ready to stop any more fighting from taking place off the field. If they hadn't, these two were ready to forget it all and go at it.