​Football is a game in which emotions run high, and that can be seen in the ​Jaguars-​Bills matchup this week. After a big pass from Blake Bortles, tensions boiled over and the teams engaged in what turned out to be a huge brawl. Most notably, Jaguars running back ​Leonard Fournette and Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson got into it and exchanged blows before being ejected from the game. 

The pass was a 50/50 ball which was battled for in the air by the defender and receiver. Neither side gave the ball up when they came down and teammates began swarming the play before players began shoving each other.

You can see Fournette and Lawson exchanging punches on the sideline before flags were thrown, while Carlos Hyde was getting in the face of various Bills defenders. 

The pair reportedly had to be separated in the tunnel after their ejections, as clearly both sides are still extremely heated.