​Hue Jackson is meeting the Cleveland Browns ​for the first time since joining the Bengals coaching staff, and it's safe to say there will be some bad blood between Jackson and his former team. 

The game is taking place in Cincinnati, so Jackson will have the support of the home crowd, but that doesn't mean his former players will let him forget about them. 

According to Hayden Grove, Jabrill Peppers was seen chirping at Jackson from the 50-yard line during pregame warmups. 

​​Peppers publicly has claimed to be wishing Jackson the best with his newest position, but remains confident in the Browns' ability to take down the Bengals, claiming that Jackson being in Cincinnati "won't make a difference." 

​Despite wishing Jackson the best, Peppers apparently was uninterested in shaking hands or sharing a hug with Jackson, although they did speak briefly prior to kickoff. 

Peppers was a first-round pick for the Browns in 2017 and entered the league under Jackson's coaching. He has seen the ins-and-outs of Jackson's rebuilding methods, before the former head coach was fired from his role before he could further mess with Peppers' development.

No matter where he's coaching at the moment, the ​Browns are the ones paying Jackson the big bucks, as he was fired before his contract had expired with the team. He's going to be earning more from the Browns for the remainder of the year than he will be earning from the Bengals this season.

Chirp that, kid.