​Oh my God.

There may be a team willing to give Hue Jackson another shot at a head coaching role in the NFL ​despite his struggles with the Cleveland Browns. Jackson is currently a ​special assistant for the Cincinnati Bengals, and reports suggest that he may be a candidate to replace Marvin Lewis in the offseason. 

Lewis is reportedly considering stepping down from the head coach position to ​pursue a career in upper management, and should he make that move, Jackson is expected to be a favorite to step in as the head coach of the future. 

Somehow, some way, he bounces back.

​​Bengals owner Mike Brown is quite fond of Jackson, who was the team's offensive coordinator from 2014-2015 and a member of the team's coaching staff from 2012-2015, prior to his stint with the Browns. 

Despite Jackson's 3-36 record in Cleveland, the Bengals are interested in bringing him in to replace Lewis, who has posted a 130-117 record with the team in 16 years. Lewis has brought the team to the playoffs seven times, but has never recorded a postseason win. 

​​Perhaps with an improved roster, Jackson will have a chance to win a playoff game for the Bengals. The Bengals are currently 5-5 this season, following two straight years of missing the playoffs. 

As fans grow increasingly frustrated with their lack of postseason success, the Bengals may encourage Lewis to transition to upper management and let the Jackson era begin in Cincinnati. 

Seems like half of a good move to me, though.