The MLB should really just stay out of politics. After donating $5,000 to Mississippi senator Cindy Hyde-Smith over the weekend, they are now trying to get the donation returned. 

​Hyde-Smith recently made comments supporting public hangings and the Confederacy. She was also seen wearing a Confederate outfit and holding a rifle in a picture, though Major League Baseball claims they were unaware of such things (no reason they should be).

 The backlash that this donation caused was simply too much for the MLB to handle, and they were forced to fix the problem that they started. The donation was only made in the first place because lobbyists were at an event where it was deemed appropriate.

Or so they say.

Clearly, the MLB administration shouldn't be put into politics, as this blunder could have been way worse than it already is. $5,000 may not be much for such a money-making powerhouse, but the support shown is what matters. They had to know about where her values lie, and with a diverse distribution of players and fans from different backgrounds, they had to be smarter.