​Stop me if you've heard this one before: a story about a jilted ex, an NBA All-Star, a pack of lies, sex parties, a transgender prostitute, and a crooked church pastor.

Yeah, we're going there.

Meet Masin Elije, a woman who describes her relationship with Dwight Howard. They took to one another for a time, she says, until everything went awfully, crazily wrong.

This isn't going to end well, spoiler alert.

If you can't trust the local pastor, who CAN you trust? Sounds like this pastor was a hatchet man for Dwight, as she alleges he conducted a lot of his dirty work in trying to keep Elije quiet.

This is all highly, highly private stuff. But damn.

Another character in this drama. Hmmm.

Listen, sex parties are just a part of life. As long as you're safe, it's all good. But this is all way, way out of left field.

​​Elije goes on to describe receiving calls from this pastor, who impersonated Howard on at least one call. This whole tale is sordid, and until we have some more context and/or confirmation, it's hard to know what to believe or which direction is up.

Suffice to say that sex, lies, and death threats don't mix. We haven't heard the last of Masin Elije, folks.

For now, we do have this:

Take from that what you will.​​