​After being sidelined for the last eight games with a strained groin, Warriors star point guard Steph Curry could be back on the court as early as next week.

The team released their statement today indicating his progress as well as when we should expect to see him back in action in short order.

​​Although Kevin Durant is widely considered the second-best basketball player in the world, Curry is the true heart and soul of the Warriors, and ​these past two weeks have shown just that.

Although ​Draymond Green may have taken it a step too far in telling Kevin Durant the Warriors don't need him to win...he kind of has a point. Curry is the living essence of Golden State's system, and they just aren't able to dominate without him.

Since Steve Kerr took over has head coach, the Warriors sit at a painfully adequate 23-23 record without Curry in the lineup. But with their star point guard back coming back in the near future, the Dubs will look to get back on track and continue their pillaging of the rest of the NBA.