​​Stephen A. Smith: Confirmed not a fan of Michigan football.

With the current whooping that Ohio State is putting on coach Jim Harbaugh and his Wolverines, the loudest ESPN personality of them all took to Twitter to put the Maize and Blue on blast.

​​It's unclear why Smith is so triggered by this game, but he's spot on in the fact that it's a shame it ​couldn't be closer. Heading into this contest, Michigan appeared en route to the College Football Playoff, while Ohio State had been trending the opposite direction after nearly losing to Maryland last week.

With a loss today, UM will see their CFP and Big Ten title hopes crumble before their very eyes while Ohio State would be a able to jump at least a few teams in the rankings and draw one step closer to a shot at postseason glory.

Regardless of the outcome of today's game, it has surely been a shock for Michiganders near and far.

Stephen A. Smith is speaking for us all when he says he wanted to see a good game between these two historic teams. It looks like we will not get to see that today, and it just goes to show how the Wolverines continues to crack when the lights are the brightest.