​​Karan Higdon may live to regret his word choice. Earlier this week, ​Michigan's star running back boldly guaranteed a win over Ohio State, and the Buckeyes were listening. Parris Campbell, for one, finds this disrespectful.

“A player from their team said they guarantee a win against the Buckeyes. And today, he got to pay, ‘cause we don’t lay down for nobody,” Campbell said.

Campbell's pregame call out is just for show, trying to pump up his team even more before their critical rivalry game against Michigan. With the Buckeyes CFP hopes hanging in the balance, any and all bulletin board material will be used.

To be fair, Higdon simply responded that he'd be willing to guarantee a win over OSU, showing confidence in his team in the process. However, the leading question from a Michigan reporter put the RB in a bind.

He'll have every opportunity to back it up.