​What the hell is this? ​Duke has a football team, Luke!

Pistons guard ​Luke Kennard is trying his best to make enemies in Detroit, tweeting out this disgraceful message before the Ohio State-Michigan game.

Why? Why are you rooting for Ohio State? Kennard is from the Ohio area, but he chose to attend Duke and now works in the heart of Wolverine country. It's as if he just wants to make us angry, which is commonplace about Duke alum.

​​Michigan and Ohio State take the field at noon, meaning Kennard has around two hours at the writing of this article to delete his tweet. If not, we can only assume he's been dealt to Cleveland.

Ouch. Pistons fans were never going to take this well, but if we're going to go there then yes, we'd much rather have Donovan Mitchell.

Think before you tweet, for once.