​​Bryce Harper has plenty of decisions to make this coming offseason, but first he'll make a pit stop in Columbus.

​Harper is an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, which is why ESPN has called upon him to be the honorable 'guest picker' during College Gameday on the OSU campus. We think we know which way he's leaning.

Also, shoutout to Harper for giving us no clues as to which team he'd like sign with this offseason. The outfit, which features a Vegas Golden Knights sweatshirt, is simply paying homage to his hometown hockey team.

Every shade of red, instagram like and statement by the former league MVP is dissected by the baseball press, so expect Harper to stay away from that line of questioning in his brief appearance on the WorldWide Leader.

For now, Harper's goal is clear--motivate his Buckeyes to a critical win over that team up North.