​Most divorces are messy. Volatile, public divorces? They're almost always a spectacle. Exhibit A of said divorce in recent ​NBA history was Kyrie Irving forcing his way out of Cleveland and , ultimately, to Boston out of a desire to no longer play alongside ​LeBron James

While James had a great deal of influence over the roster and depth chart, he is washing his hands of the whole affair, saying that Kyrie's desire to move on was "not my problem." 

"​​I think by the time it got to me he wanted to be traded, I think he was already gone," James said. "It was up to the organization to do their job and try to keep him as well. The guy still had two years left on his contract. They didn't have to give him up." 

Kyrie was shipped up to ​Boston for a package centered around Isaiah Thomas (who flopped) Jae Crowder, who is now in Utah, and a draft pick that eventually became Collin Sexton. 

James noted how Irving's trade was the first domino that fell and set in motion his exit from northeast Ohio. 

​​At the end of the day, Koby Altman is making trades, not LeBron. Even if Kyrie doesn't re-sign in Boston, this looks like an all-time fleece by Danny Ainge and the Celtics.