​Though so much of sports is arguments, opinion, and comparison, and so few of it is grounded in absolute fact, there are some absolute truths across the sporting landscape. First among them is the fact that ​Charles Barkley stinks at golf.

​Astros superstar ​Justin Verlander took aim at The Round Mound of Rebound after Barkley decried the Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson match as bad golf. Verlander offered up some major cash if Barkley could do any better than a double bogey on Hole 1.

​​For those unaware, this is how Barkley swings a golf club.

Verlander's bold challenge has widespread approval across sports. Rockets star Chris Paul claims he will match Verlander's $100k for charity.​​

​​Even Orioles outfielder Adam Jones chimed in on the fun.

​​Raising money for charity is always good irrespective of context, so at least Barkley's humiliated exhibition would be giving $200,000 away to charity organizations that need it. 

Plus, who wouldn't want to see more of Barkley's comical ineptitude on the golf course. JV was even kind enough to provide us an example.

​​Sign us up for #TheSideMatch .