Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith is lost for the season after ​breaking his leg this past Sunday. It was a highly serious incident, and figures to have an adverse impact on his career moving forward. However, in an effort to crack wise and tie it in to Thanksgiving, a segment on CBS made a pretty classless joke about said injury via a disembodied voiceover. It's even worse if you listen to it:

​​Jokes are great and sometimes you'll take a risk to get a laugh, but the dude just suffered a ​gruesome injury that could be career-ending. There is nothing funny about that fact. 

Thank goodness Boomer Esiason was there to walk things back.

Football is a dangerous game, and even fans know a player's career can be over in a second. So when something like Alex Smith's gruesome, severe injury comes along, it'd be smart to show some compassion and decency and not try to make a joke out of it.

Be better, CBS. What happened to the holiday spirit?