Sometimes, your squad and its fanbase is in complete denial about the kind of personnel it has in place at the current moment. Other times, organizations level with their problems and make prompt fixes. 

But on rare occasions, a program can realize its flaws and just take them in stride.

Enter Kansas football. The Jayhawks haven't been particularly good on the gridiron in quite some time; in fact, they've generally been terrible. Despite that, head coach David Beaty has been around a while longer than he should have, and, apparently, Kansas has so clearly had enough that they are letting the world know about it in a hilarious manner:

Yes, that's for real. The biography on the official site for Kansas lists Beaty's title as "Outgoing Head Football Coach." And we don't think it means that he's just fun at parties.

Beaty holds a 6-42 college head coaching record, so it's no surprise that Kansas is looking to move on from him. In fact, the only surprise here is that the guy has been in charge since 2014, yet is only getting the old boot now in favor of a certain national champion coach.

Of course, we all know by now that ​Les Miles will be taking over as the next head coach of Kansas and will look to turn the team around with his formidable winning experience. But did the school really have to do that to Beaty? Come on, man. That's just indecent.

Either way, Beaty's had his run. He's been losing like mad for years now. We're sure he's heard worse over that span of time. 

The savagery, though!