In some more strange news out of the NBA, embattled 76ers point guard Markelle Fultz now reportedly prefers a trade out of town in just his second season as a pro. While nothing is official and Fultz has yet to comment publicly, it's still odd to hear that there's even a chance that a guy who was drafted No. 1 just a year ago has played so poorly that he's ready to hit the reset button. But the Sixers are paying him rookie scale and are playing well enough on the court without him, so until he begins to act like an actual impact ​NBA player, they just have no incentive to trade him.

Don't confused the issue, though-- If the Sixers can get any kind of real value for Fultz, they should at least listen. However, the fact that the 20-year-old still isn't healthy after injuring his shoulder during preseason last year makes it especially hard to sell him as a guy with any kind of upside. He's famous at the moment for being a miserable jump-shooter and having bizarre free throw form. That's a far cry from he guy who was considered a can't-miss prospect at the University of Washington.

Even if ​Markelle truly does want to leave the talented squad for a chance to start over, see some new medical specialists, and even get more time with the ball in his hands, both he and his agents know that now is probably not the best time to say it out loud.

Maybe this was all just a little feeler sent out by Fultz's camp to see if there was anybody interested in taking the bait. As of now, there will likely be very few serious suitors, and the Sixers should feel no compulsion to pick up the phone and start negotiations themselves. 

Not yet, anyway.