The New York Giants are a complete mess. Don't let a two-game winning streak fool you; Big Blue is still 3-7 and in dead last in the NFC East. Of course, Eli Manning is still on the field taking snaps despite it all. 

It should be rebuild-time for the Giants. Their young players should be getting snaps. But no, New York is waiting for one last shoe to drop before they do so: total elimination. Yes, that's right. The New York Giants are waiting until they're 100 percent eliminated from the postseason to kick Eli off the field for any stretch of time in favor of 22-year-old Kyle Lauletta.

Because at 3-7 they have such a huge chance, right? Wrong. Yes, Alex Smith is gone for the year for the Washington Redskins. Yes, the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles are painfully average. But the G-Men still aren't nearly good enough to run the table and take the division or hustle into a Wild Card spot. Get real!

Foolishly, the Giants will wait until perhaps December to get a glimpse at their fourth-round pick from 2018, leaving the 37-year-old Manning at the helm for time seemingly immemorial.

In all fairness, Eli hasn't been completely putrid. He's got nearly 2,800 yards with 13 TDs and six interceptions despite facing a ton of pressure this season. But the ​eye test still shows us that the veteran can't compete like he used to. He's not the answer for the Giants if they ever plan to hit their organizational stride again. 

Then again, Lauletta may not be the guy either. But nobody will know if he never gets on the field.