In a world so often filled with bad news, it's beyond refreshing to finally hear ​something great. Danny Farquhar, who ​collapsed due to a terrifying brain aneurysm last season, has been medically cleared to resume his MLB career.

The relief pitcher is now looking to put the scary episode behind him and once again get back on the mound.

​​The 31-year-old journeyman was ​outrighted by the White Sox last month and will now hit the free agent market. Though Chicago could theoretically bring him back, it seems more likely that he will now join a new team this winter and work through his rehabilitation cycle. Farquhar has enjoyed some significant success in the bigs over the course of his career, so he should be pursued by more than a few teams.

His comeback is as inspiring as it is incredible. When the incident occurred, it seemed dubious if Farquhar would ever return to the major leagues. Now he could be a part of a team's playoff run in 2019 with a little bit of luck.

Farquhar's quest back to baseball is beyond inspiring. It has to give other athletes like ​Ryan Shazier hope that they too can one day return to their respective sports, even when the odds originally looked grim. Wherever Farquhar ends up and however his career ultimately ends, his remarkable battle back from a terrifying ordeal will make him a fan favorite for years to come.