Karan Higdon made headlines yesterday when he guaranteed a win over ​Ohio State this weekend, and head coach Jim Harbaugh isn't thrilled about it.

Associated Press reporter Larry Lage got Higdon to say that he guarantees a win this weekend, but the headlines don't tell the full story. Harbaugh defended his player and scrutinized Lage for his choice of wording. ​

​​The question was loaded and didn't really give Higdon the chance to respond with a non-controversial answer. 

During Monday's press conference, Higdon was asked if he'd go as far to guarantee a win from Michigan this weekend, to which he answered "Yeah, I do." The way the question was worded gave Higdon zero chance to answer it without causing headlines. Lage knew exactly what he was doing and Harbaugh has no problem with how Higdon answered the question. 

​​OSU running back ​Mike Weber hilariously called out Higdon, but the flak the Michigan RB is getting is undeserved. 

Lage was looking for a headline and he obviously got it, but not without criticism from Harbaugh. All in all, it doesn't matter. Both teams need to win this game and guarantees don't matter, only results do.