It seems like we go through some version of it every season; the NFL just cannot seem to make sure every team gets the rest they need each and every week. 

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman has been the most vocal player on the topic, but this has been a problem dating back much farther than him. And it hasn't stopped. This Thanksgiving Thursday, the Chicago Bears will take on the Detroit Lions in a 12:30 p.m. EST game after playing the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night.

It's just plain wrong.

What's even worse? The Bears weren't even originally scheduled to play that Sunday night game. The matchup with the ​Vikings was flexed to the primetime slot in order to get a much better game on television after the league felt the Steelers-Jaguars wasn't good enough. Yes, the NFL knew the Bears would have to turn around on a short week already, and just made it even shorter. Great guys.

If you're saying that a few hours won't make a difference, think again. Players already struggle to make up the rest when they're scheduled for Thursday night games. Now, Chicago loses almost a full day considering they played a late game on Sunday and play an early game on Thursday. It's tough when you're conditioned to heal in a full week's time.

It'll be a tough game, too. Detroit will essentially be fighting for their already slim postseason dreams in a competitive divisional matchup. Chicago needs to be ready from the start.

At 7-3, the Bears definitely want to keep their momentum going and not lose to the last-place team in the division. We can all agree that this matchup should be one they can easily win, but if they don't, how much of the blame goes to the fatigue on a short week?

We can only speculate, but the NFL itself has more say in the situation. Stop scheduling teams unfairly.