​At this point, there is no questioning that Los Angeles Rams DT Ndamukong Suh is a dirty player. Having built himself quite the reputation as a result of countless unsportsmanlike incidents, no one should be surprised by what Suh has done tonight.

​​Suh just straight up punched Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback ​Patrick Mahomes right in the head; there's no other way to interpret it.

While this should be no surprise coming from Suh, what should shock fans is the fact that no flag was thrown. 

Just kidding! Does that really shock you after all the nonsense we've seen with officiating this year?

​​Even after the NFL swapped in its best lineup of referees for tonight's game, calls like this one continued to get missed, which is a true disgrace. It's because of incidents like these that fans and players begin to lose faith in officiating, and the ​NFL clearly needs to do better.