​The Houston Astros missed out on dealing for Seattle Mariners' ace James Paxton as the New York Yankees were able to swoop in and pluck him from the Emerald City.

However, at least one person is happy that things worked out this way.

Can you imaging tweeting at your boss right after learning that you're not getting transferred?

​​Whitley is the team's top pitching prospect, selected No. 17 overall in the 2016 ​MLB Draft, and spent his season in Double-A, making just eight appearances due to a 50-game suspension. 

According to reports, the Houston Astros' general manager's ​refusal to include him in a deal for Paxton is what caused the trade to fall through, clearly revealing the organization's confidence in the 21-year-old.

Whitley spent the past few months in the Arizona Fall League proving his worth to the Astros by posting a 2.42 ERA and striking out 36 in 26 innings of work. Those numbers may have influenced Luhnow into holding on to his top young arm.

​​Missing out on Paxton may ​seem bad now, but if Whitely turns into the pitcher that Houston thinks he can be, this may go down as one of the best deals the team never made. 

As for Luhnow, he's not very active on social media, but maybe he'll catch this in a couple days and respond.