The NFL needs to do some investigating because Pat Mahomes has to be cheating. For the same reason performance enhancers aren't allowed, Mahomes shouldn't be allowed to have an advantage over other QBs. It's clear he has a rocket strapped to his arm as he casually flicked the ball over 60 yards with barely any effort. Clearly, that can't be fair. 

These Rams defenders better play deep. Very, very deep.

We've seen stuff like this from Mahomes before. The guy literally threw a ball out of a stadium. Call it a trick of the sun if you want, but you can't argue his recent bomb before Monday Night Football. 

All of these are fun to look at, but it's wild to think that he actually does this in games. He's got some track stars on his team, and naturally, rockets the ball deep hitting them in stride for what seems miles away from the line of scrimmage.

The Rams defensive backs should pretty much just start with their heels in their own end zone to prepare for throws like this.