The Washington Redskins had themselves a downright awful Sunday, as they experienced defeat in an important game and the sorrow of a devastating injury.

Washington lost at home to the Houston Texans 23-21 in a game that would've kept them and the Dallas Cowboys separated by two games in the NFC East, but the main takeaway from the matchup was the gruesome injury to quarterback Alex Smith. After a tackle knocked the veteran QB to the ground at an awkward angle, his leg bent to a severe degree that would make even those with iron stomachs a bit uneasy.

Unfortunately, we've got even more disturbing news on the awful incident.

Smith was officially diagnosed with a compound fracture, indicating that a bone broke through the skin containing it. His injury was also characterized as a spiral fracture caused by a harsh, unnatural rotation.

The devastating moment was immediately compared to that of ​Joe Theismann 33 years ago, as well as Gordon Hayward last October at the beginning of the 2017-18 NBA season. The scene was nearly unbearable to watch, and has brought the quarterback a ton of physical and emotional pain.

Smith faces an extended recovery process, and his 34 years of age make the journey even harder. It wouldn't be a reach to believe that he may not make a return at all.

Unfortunately for the players in a violent sport like this one, it's simply part of the risk inherent to the game.

The hope is that Smith succeeds in his rehabilitation and is able to return on his own terms. For now, though, Washington will have to rely on the services of Colt McCoy for the rest of 2018.