​It seems like yesterday's loss to the Trail Blazers that brought Washington to a 5-11 record on the season still wasn't the worst news of the week for the Wizards.

According to reports, a tense practice session occurred this week that included "verbal altercations" among the players. Shooting guard ​Bradley Beal also said that instances like this are something he's dealt with for seven years. 

​​While there are still more details to gather about the matter, this is not the type of press a struggling team needed this early in the season. 

If what Beal said is true, head coach Scott Brooks is going to need to change a dysfunctional culture that has been what looks like a norm for the franchise.

​Struggling as a team is one thing, but putting up with verbal altercations is not something that is acceptable in sports, let alone at the professional level.

​​For Beal to openly discuss the lack of chemistry and leadership the team possesses shows how south things have gone for Washington in recent memory. This team could never really pull it together, and if this tension at practice is true it'll explain why in a big way.

The writing could be on the wall for Beal and even John Wall amid these recent trade rumors.