​New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard decided to gross everybody out with a video on Sunday afternoon.

After the New York Giants 38-35 home victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Shepard ripped the nail off of his big toe with his own finger in the locker room. We won't drop the video into this article, but if you really need to see it, click through via TMZ:

Come on Sterling! Use a nail clipper, man. Also, why the hell was this on video at all? Some things were just meant to be private, and for good reason.

Perhaps Shepard hasn't found the time to keep his nails trimmed since he's been stressed about being apart of a Big Blue offense that has struggled for most of the season. The offense has picked it up as of late, as the G-Men have now won two games in a row.

​Shepard finished Sunday's clash against Tampa Bay with just two catches for 22 yards, a performance that included fooling a defensive back with an utterly crisp route.

With the holiday season coming around, Santa Claus should remember to put a nail clipper in Shepard's stocking. That's just a no-brainer.