​In case you weren't spooked out enough by ​Alex Smith and Joe Theismann's career-altering leg injuries, we can now present video evidence that the two moments were nearly the same. Watch, if you dare, Smith and Theismann go down side-by-side on the same exact yard line on the exact same day, 33 years apart.

And, oh yeah, the games both ​ended with the same 23-21 final score, too.

Though we bet the Washington Post was a bit less callous with their sports page's front page after Theismann went down.

Trust me, they wouldn't have run that photo and headline combo back in the day. I guess with social media's proliferation these days, we're desensitized to seeing absolute brutalization on the football field.

Just because the days of helmet-to-helmet hits are over doesn't mean we don't trip into disgusting moments each and every Sunday. In fact, this here is proof that history repeats itself.