​How bad do you have to be for Darren Rovell to make fun of you? This is officially a new low for the Oakland Raiders, a team which dealt away the ​face of their franchise before the start of the season for two first-round picks.

​Khalil Mack is lighting it up in Chicago, forcing the likes of Rovell to make some awful jokes at the Raiders' expense. Be warned: this is the worst of dad puns.

The Oakland Raided? That's the best you can do?

Rovell might win Scrabble in his household, but there's surely better jokes you can make about the brutal aftermath of Jon Gruden's attempted rebuild. 


We'd rather memes, honestly. Even if a repetitive one, it's just better than imagining Rovell at an Applebee's telling this joke to a waitress before he tweets it out to the world.