​It's officially as devastating as we all anticipated.

Alex Smith suffered a gruesome injury during the Redskins' Week 11 loss to the Texans, one that will linger in the mind of anyone unfortunate enough to be watching. According to reports, the injury suffered by Smith was a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula. The 34-year-old will require surgery to repair his leg. 

Smith suffered his injury exactly 33 years to the day that former Redskins quarterback ​Joe Theismann sustained a similarly horrid injury. 

Smith will not return this season, putting a significant pin in the playoff hopes of the 'Skins. He'll also need surgery right away.

With Smith out, Colt McCoy would likely be the guy to step up and replace him, but it is likely that the Redskins will consider scooping up a quarterback off the free agent scrap heap.

Smith threw 10 touchdowns and three interceptions with the Redskins, leading the team to a 6-4 record in his first season in DC.