Things got rough in Ann Arbor on Saturday when the Indiana Hoosiers took on the Michigan Wolverines. Cheap shots were tossed around like it was happy hour at a dive bar. The Hoosiers looked like the bad guys, providing two clear dirty plays on the game. But it looks like they were provoked. The first cheap move was actually by Michigan's Chase Winovich.

Winovich clearly stepped on the opposing player's leg while he was down. That's a full-force, full-weight stand. It wasn't seen by the officials, but Twitter found their way, as usual.

This was the first move of many. Winovich was hurt by two offensive lineman in the third quarter. They blatantly lurched at him after he was down. But, again, it seems like he asked for it.

Then they tried the same thing AGAIN.

In the fourth quarter, Indiana's ​Cam Jones absolutely crushed Michigan's Berkley Edwards with a tackle to the head. Edwards looked to be severely injured on the play, and Jones was ejected for targeting. 

Indiana's 31-20 loss included some of ​the most unprofessional football we've seen recently, but both sides are to blame.