​Lamar Jackson's first start has exceeded expectations. 

Despite playing a division rival in Cincinnati with the team around him struggling as of late, Jackson has thrown for 142 yards while rushing for 102 yards on 17 carries. 

He becomes the​ first ​quarterback to hit the century mark on the ground since Colin Kaepernick ran for 113 yards against the Miami Dolphins in 2016. 

​​Though Jackson was raw coming out of school at Louisville, he's showcased so many of the skills that made jaws drop and Heisman voters swoon, particularly on the ground. 

​​He's made strides as a passer as well. Jackson has shown skill at evading pass rushers and extending plays. 

It hasn't been all rosy for Jackson, as he does​​ have a rough interception on the ledger as well. 

Any quarterback can look impressive for one start, so I wouldn't make reservations for the Super Bowl in Atlanta based off of Jackson's first start. However, there is certainly a lot to like from Jackson, who is laying the foundation for what should be a great career in ​Baltimore.​​