Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith suffered what was one of the most upsetting leg injuries of the season against the Houston Texans in Week 11. It's one that will also go down as one of the most gruesome in NFL history.

If anyone knows anything about brutal leg injuries, it's former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, who had his incredible career cut short in a game where his leg snapped after New York Giants Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor sacked him and awkwardly landed on Joe's leg in the process.

It's such an unfortunate injury for Smith, but it's incredibly eerie that Theismann and Smith played for the same team when this happened.

For that, Theismann is feeling nothing but sympathy like the rest of us.

We can only hope, at this point, that Smith's career isn't over like Theismann's was when he suffered his injury, but things do not look good at the moment.