The New York Jets were supposed to take that "next step" this season after drafting supposed franchise quarterback Sam Darold, but that just hasn't happened. 

The Jets are en route to a similar finish that won them a top 10 pick in 2018 at 3-7, and it looks like ownership is growing tired of the current coaching leadership.

Especially head coach Todd Bowles. 

Bowles reportedly faces an "uphill battle" if he wants to return to the Jets next season, although the franchise does not plan on firing him mid-season. New York has just about seen enough of Bowles' management of the rookie QB in ​Darnold and the poor performances from their defense.

Bowles is 23-35 with the Jets in four seasons, failing to reach the postseason in any of them. After another terrible start with a viable thrower on the roster, it's not difficult to see why the head coach is on the hot seat.

In the end, Bowles was never given a great team, but we judge coaches on what they do with the talent they are given. We shouldn't expect postseason berths from Bowles, but some form of progress should surely be expected.

The Jets host the New England Patriots next week. Good luck to them with all that.