When engaging in a back and forth affair like the Michigan Wolverines and ​Indiana Hoosiers did on Saturday, emotions are bound to run high. And it resulted in a nasty play. During a 4th quarter kick return, Indiana player Cam Jones aimed high for the head of Michigan's Berkley Edwards, who fell to the turf in considerable pain. Jones was ejected by the officials for targeting, while Edwards was placed on a stabilizing board and subsequently carted off the field.

The play sent "The Big House" at Ann Arbor into stunned silence, as medical staff worked on Edwards on the field as a precaution. The silence then turned into anger, as Michigan fans chanted "kick him out" towards Jones.

Viewers at home and the ​Michigan football program can breath a sigh of relief, as Edwards has feeling in his extremities following the hit, according to Fox Sports sideline reporter Jenny Taft.

As a result of his ejection, Jones will miss the first half of next week's game for Indiana, as they face off against the Purdue Boilermakers.