As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, many people are beginning to get into the giving spirit. Athletes always tend to show out during the holidays, donating huge amounts of money, food, clothes, and gifts to the less fortunate in truly heartwarming gestures.

This year has been no different, as players everywhere have been helping the less fortunate all over the country.

​​Just yesterday, ​Arizona Cardinals star cornerback Patrick Peterson donated 221 Thanksgiving meals to families in need in his surrounding area. 

Acts like these are what make sports great, as athletes are given the platform to give back to their communities through grand gestures such as this one. 

People like Peterson are able to help the less fortunate because of the sports they play, but these charitable gestures allow us to see that these men are more than just athletes.

People like Peterson, JJ Watt, ​Mookie Betts, and countless other athletes are what make sports great. Although they may be beasts on their respective fields, they use those beastly talents to help those in need elsewhere.