​Is there anyone quite as big of a walking meme as Maury Povich? Between "The lie detector determined _____" and "you are/are not the father," Maury's catchphrases from his iconic daytime talk show have weaseled their way into our lexicon, and Maury is all for it.In fact, when he made an appearance on ​College Gameday today before UCF's game against the Cincinnati Bearcats in Orlando, he treated us to a bit of meme-ception when predicting the home team's win:

....and the crowd went wild.

Maury, the DC native who films his show​​ in Stamford, Connecticut, obviously makes perfect sense as the celebrity guest picker on GameDay when they visit Central Florida, right?

Nope. The fact that he has nothing to do with Florida determined that was a lie.

​​That said, is there ever a time in the good ole U.S. of A. where Maury Povich isn't relevant? His mixture of absurdism with real life tragedy is modern America in a nutshell, if you ask me.

College Gameday, you ARE the best show on TV every Saturday morning, and this just proves it.