​If you ever have to question whether or not ​Jimmy Butler is throwing shade, the answer is likely yes. Butler's departure from Minnesota was filled with drama, and while his primary focus is on helping his new team win, everything the All-Star says will be twisted and used against him. After notching a win in his Philly debut, ​Butler took the mic postgame and promptly dropped it.

Yeah, must be nice to play with...a group of guys who want to win and...can take criticism. Can't imagine how that could be construed as relevant to Jimmy's drama with the Timberwolves. 

Butler's a passionate player, and he'll never hide his emotions. The 28-year-old is taking no prisoners.

Butler's comments were a clear jab at his former teammates--namely Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. Nonetheless, a clean split was the best move for both sides and assuredly this bad blood will pass.

For now, though, Butler's not worried about twisting the knife.