​In an analytical age where baseball teams are constructed through heavy statistical research, spending big money on free agents has become a rarity. 

The idea is that a player's best years come in his early 20s, and it's a waste of money to pay big salaries to players who are nearly escaping their prime.

While the Philadelphia Phillies have followed that formula in the past, they will throw caution to the wind this offseason, according to the team's owner. 

​​Phillies owner John Middleton has actually signed off on a plan to be stupid about how they spend his money. You've got to love it.

While being stupid is never the best strategy towards building a winner, if we read between the lines and he's actually referring to ​​signing both Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, then that "stupid" plan just might work out. 

​​I know they say you can't buy World Series rings anymore, but it is hard to see a lineup that includes Harper, Machado and Rhys Hoskins not making a deep run in the National League. 

The problem with signing both Harper and Machado is that nearly half of the team's payroll would be tied up in two players for a decade, which is a huge risk for the franchise. 

​​Eventually the Phillies will have to pay their own homegrown stars in Hoskins and​ Cy Young-finalist Aaron Nola, which would be nearly impossible without paying a huge luxury tax each year. 

But if the owner is on board to foot the bill, then you might as well go all in. Dare to be stupid.